On Air Talent Misconceptions

On Air Talent Misconceptions

I Believe this is the most important topic in all of sports broadcasting, mainly because when people think of sports broadcasting they generally have this idea that being On Air Talent (commentators, analyst, Play-by-Play, announcer) is the only position available and sadly people really do waste a chunk of their time trying to achieve this goal. When in fact the odds are probably way lower than the odds of playing a professional sport. I call it misconceptions because people tend to think that just because they are the most glorified, that they are also the best positions. So let’s get some things out of the way.

Top Myths About On Air Talent:

  1. Salaried with Benefits
    1. This is true depending on the network but most Talent have packages
  2. 365 days of work
    1. This is the freelance world this is never guaranteed, even if it is in writing. Things happen, schedules change, and people that are more talented may become available last minute and they just may get the job better than you. Good thing about this is that if they can you last minute you still get paid for the day
  3. Job Security
    1. Again, it’s freelance. There is no such thing. The security is in your contacts
  4. Highest paid
    1. They are certainly among the top 3 as far as the onsite crew goes but then again it depends on experience and talent. This is the wonderful thing about freelance, the ability to set your rate
  5. You’ll work whatever you’re passionate about
    1. Not true at all. This again depends on your skill level. The odds of you going from news anchor/field reporter to sports is slim to none.
  6. Working high school sport games and College assignments will prepare you for a production with money on the line.
    1. You haven’t truly had a work day until the work you are doing has advertisers paying for certain time slots for their advertisements.

Now I know there are a lot of reasons listed about why you shouldn’t be on air talent but that is just to give you the real hard cold facts. We’ve seen people cry because they thought this was an industry full of security and it’s the opposite. It’s an absolute lucrative field when you find the consistency. But until then it is a doggy dog world. Lastly I believe it should be reiterated that your contact list is your life line in this industry. The better you network and connect with people you will see how much your work life will flourish.


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