Top 10 Reasons To Join Sports Broadcasting

10 Reasons To Join Sports Broadcasting

Before I joined sports broadcasting I was working in the dirtiest warehouse in Los Angeles. That job was the worst pay at $9.25/hr for 8 hour days and if you didn’t work overtime they would find a way to fire you. So after taxes and a 10 hour shift I was making about $80-$90 a day which is $400-$450 a week now that brings you to a whopping $1600-$1800. Remember that’s WITH OVERTIME. Now…. in the Greater Los Angeles Area rent is about $1600 for a 2 bedroom apartment in a sketchy-ish area.

The world of sports broadcasting can be the most fulfilling job you’ve ever had. The road to getting into it is tough but not impossible. “The Biz” will take you from a potentially suicidal 9-5 job to a desired, blood pumping, creative, fun, and challenging job that will allow you to travel the world.

Which brings me to The 10 Reasons To Join Sports Broadcasting:

  1. You will get paid to watch sports
    1. Yes we’ve said it, You get paid to watch sports! While your work buddies and their grandma will be at home watching the game making zero dollars, and your college buddies willbround-up a couple thousand dollars to get a suite for it. You will be on the field/court with an access pass walking wherever you want….. while getting paid. It’s the best feeling when you get to see things before the tape delay or even being able to blow your social media up with Snapchats and Instagram posts showing everyone how cool and lucky you are getting paid to be where they all want to be knowing no matter how much they paid they wouldn’t be able to get that field or court access. Imagine all of that pregame warmup conversations.
  2. You will not be bored
    1. You will never be bored during this job no matter what position you are in unless you are absolutely doing nothing which happens from time to time. You will be around the best technology in production and the experts that are in the field as well. The brightest people in production are people who find new things to learn while they aren’t doing anything.
  3. You will make good money everyday compared to minimum wage
    1. This is always the thing that makes me really grateful to be in the sports industry. You don’t understand how lucky you are to have this job until you see your paycheck and realize you weren’t harassed (too much lol), belittled, sabotaged, and treated like you didn’t matter because at the end of the day everybody on a show is a team and they all rely on each other to provide a great show.
  4. It’s a skill you can take anywhere
    1. One of the greatest thing about being in sports broadcasting is the ability to not be tied down to one area! That’s right, you can live wherever you want as long as you work it out with your employer (aka make it to where they don’t have to travel you but your rate increases…. Which may or may not work depending on your relationship with your crewer
  5. You be apart of a brotherhood
    1. If you make the right connections you will always have a job
  6. Your work speaks for itself
    1. You can not be the best person ever to be good at your job that makes people want to hire you. If you can make someone’s job easier, consistently they will remember you and will want you around
  7. You will be around unique personalities
    1. This is show biz. The people here will be from different background and do a variety of positions. It will be great for obtaining knowledge and insights
  8. You set your schedule
    1. Enough said
  9. Little physical demand
    1. Most you will have to face unless you are a utility and camera operator is fatigue.
  10. You’ll be in a situation to set your life how you want
    1. You’ll be in the space to set multiple businesses up while making money having fun allowing you to make ventures wherever you seem to fit.


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